Winter is almost fully upon us. For those lucky/smart to save their coppers all through the summer and have headed out for early season glacier fun, congratulations and f*ck you. The rest of us are still clucking for some mountain time. So to satisfy the thirst we have been teasing ourselves by watching hours on footage online. Funny though, we didn't really realise how many Thuggies are out there. They're popping up on homies heads all over the planet, which makes us smile for many more reasons. Chazou and Dam are some homies from Les Arcs that I randomly bumped into last winter, hadn't seen these shredders in close to 5 years. Wapped a Thug Rug on each of their noggins and turns out they filmed parts in em. Crazy no? Further on into the mini movie Vico shows up too. Small world. Big up to the Minority homies and I'll be seeing you guys this winter for sure. Peace. 

chris kyteComment