Man we met this dude way back in the day, just after like our first season. We were all staying in the infamous 'chalet bodukan' with the guys at Demonium and Advita for some late season shredding. Shit was buck. They gots a bar in there, sweet mini, and its Switzerland so your good to puff away indoors, nah mean? Anyways, last winter, on a weeks trip to Les Arcs, took a couple hot laps through the park and these thugged out homies we're all, 'Yo! Come ride with us', I had to like double take, make sure there was no one behind me but they were for sure talking to me. Waddled over, little nervous, did a few laps with 'em and I was like, for sure I know these guys. Couple laps earlier I realised these were the G's I spent 2 weeks in Swiss with like 5 years before. Sure enough, we got boozy, heaps boozy, did some laps with locals and they all got affiliated. Check Chazou's part from 2014, soooo much stee, Thug Rugs suits him too, doncha think?

chris kyte2 Comments