With "Creamy" Mindset Prdctns is featuring some of the new and upcoming riders from the swiss snowboard scene. On long trips through Finnland, powder days in Switzerland or building their own features in the forrest of Laax they tried to stack clips all winter long. Saving them up for their video parts and together creating a full length project. Presented by Blue Tomato. Supported by Laax, Doodah, G-Shock, Barmettler & Whiteout Mag. Featuring Dario Burch, Flavio Pfister, Jeron Lohner, Adrian Oesch, Leandro Eigensatz, Flo Arnold, David Djite, Lou Staub, Joel Staub, Max Wettstein, Arda Serce, Blume, Hitsch Haller, Andy Walker, Cédric Gisler, Gregor Betschon, Thomas Land & Friends. A film by Mathias Wittwer. Produced by Mindset Prdctns.
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