technical softshell snowboarding outerwear  floral snowboard jacket  technical snowboarding hoodie
Brethren Apparel is a riders clothing company formed in the spring of 2013, born out of 2 lightly addled brains, brother and sister Kyte. One was a motivated student showing a gift for needlework, whilst the other, a pure snow bum stewing in a mountain town near you. 
The brother acquired a garment out of an abundance of unused snow gear at the parent’s house. The ‘thing’ was glorious, and although worn and tattered, worked like a dream winter after winter. The only problem? Buying a new one.
After searching for weeks on end with no results the decision was made to make them. It was a good job his sister was a big dog on a sewing machine. The last piece of the puzzle was just to figure out what to call these beauts. And just like most good ideas, the eureka moment came at the bottom of a pint glass. One phone call later, and the company was born.
We are heavily influenced by skateboard and snowboard sub-cultures, part of those who believe that this is a lifestyle and not a sport. We ride, and we always will. We appreciate that so much of the experience is the travel, the scenery and more importantly, the homies you get to share it with. So, if you find yourself more at home enjoying the mountain air or the smooth trannies of the skatepark, you might find your part of the Brethren too. Welcome to the brotherhood.
Heading into the future, Brethren Apparel strives too continue as ethically as possible. We realise that our passions in life are very much dependant on the friends we keep and maintaining the environments in which we like to 'play'. We believe in people over profit, quality over quantity and delivering honest and respectable goods to those who want them. We run our business in a way that we can rest our heads easy at night, and that will never change friends.

Chris and Aisling