Hot accounts to follow

We all know by now that social media is not always so good for your mental state, but if you're already scrolling (and let's face it, its pretty enjoyable with a cuppa) you've got to admit that some people are putting quality content out there.

We have compiled here a few of those accounts which keep us scrolling at night.

A mixture of our gang around the globe and also the ones we find ourselves revisiting time and time again. 


Jukka Tyni - @jukiola 

Fair enough, we might be a bit biased here as Jukka is part of the Brethren gang, but what can we say, we can't get enough of sunset park laps. Pretty sure that's what it's all about.


 Alex Calderon Sanchez - @alexcalderon

The Spanish connection. These guys dropped a full movie this year called NKNOWN. Grab the link from his bio.


Gianluigi Croce - @g_yangi_

Our new favourite Italian. We crossed paths last year and the rest as they say, is history. He also runs camps! Keep an eye on his 'gram so you can go and learn from the master himself.


Fabian Fraidl - @fabianfraidl 

Normally found floating around our (second) hometown IBK. He's been venturing into the mind bogglin world of snowskating recently and got to say, we are down. 


ParkCrewHatesYou - @parkcrewhatesyou

Nothing quite like a whole family hitting up a picnic bench without realising what's in store for them. We cringe at these day after day but always come back for more.


Which leads us perfectly into the all time fail classic.. 

Jerry of the day... @jerryoftheday



 If she's not already, send @jess.kimura straight to the top of your girl crush list. 


One of our next door neighbours and local champion Roland Morley-Brown @nohairbrush regularly motivates us to get out and get after it with clips that'll have you directly hitting up google flights. 


And finally, theres always the perfect blend of motivation / soul crushing envy on @checkthefeed


Happy late night scrolling friends! 🤩

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