Monday Memories - Val Park

Just came across this old video featuring all the Tignes Mob from way back, some O.G. Minority members and an old friend Scotty P. This was about the time we were first started selling Thug Rugs, out of the back of my Van after shreddin snowdomes, fangin' em out anywhere we could. Some loose moves back then for sure. 

Scotty's actually wearing an Original, sewn together in the garage, Randy Milf model Thug Rug I think we called it. A lot has changed since then pal, snowboarding and Brethren Apparel. Alexis Krieg, one of the guys in the video runs Black Cats Shop, who also happens to be one of our Stockists, and has his own Shredduh Hoodies made up. Heres a link to the site - 

Feeling a little nostalgic today for some reason, probably all the time locked inside making me reminisce better times. Either way, check for a bunch more of these, gonna start throwin out some old gold on Mondays 👊👊👊

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