Dem Nknown Guys?



Who the fuck is Nknown... well I'll fuckin' tell yah pal. The Spanish lads Aleix Calderon Sanchez, Carlos Ruiz Lopez, Eric Roige, Peter Heads and the homies have been making the most of the empty resorts this winter, clipping up in the Pyrenees', Madrid mountains and a cheeky excursion over the border to meet more Brethren homies, a.k.a. the NVM Frencheese, in Les Arcs / Tignes / Bourg. 


Either way, that trailer was goddam fire from some soul shredders, nuthin' but boardin', blood, buds and suds and gotta say, absolute fan. We'll keep you posted when we hear of a droppin' date, but for now, you'll just have to replay that trailer over and over. Stay tuned. 


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